Huddol connects health seeking members to health Pros like you.

Join our community of health professionals making meaningful connections with qualified clients.
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Contribute your wisdom to the community

Share your professional insight with our members as they seek out health guidance and support.

Huddol rewards positive health exchanges

Members earn Huddol Health Tokens (HDL) as they help and are helped in the community.

Benefiting from your health resources

Members can redeem their HDL for discounts on your products and services in the Huddol Wellness Marketplace.

The Benefits

Get recognized as a powerful agent for better health

Build Your ReputationBuild your online reputation and show your commitment to better health and wellness.
Gain VisibilityEarn instant and highly targeted visibility by listing your offers of helpful products or services.
Grow Your BusinessDiscover qualified clients all while helping our members achieve better health.

Grow Your Business

Our paid plans are free for 30 days - list your health offers in our Marketplace today.
* Transaction fees apply when members convert their HDL tokens for your health offers. The fee is calculated on the price minus the discount. Minimum transaction fee is $5 and maximum is $50.These fees apply during trial periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes up an “offer” on Huddol?

An offer is a listing of a product or service that provides our members a clear health benefit. An offer is made up of the listing price and a discount. The discount is redeemable for Huddol Health Tokens (HDL). Members benefit from HDL when they are helping one another.

How do your transaction fees work?

We charge the transaction fee on the value of your offer minus the discount.

How does Huddol support connecting me to qualified clients?

We do this in a few ways:

Who can become a Huddol Pro?

A Pro is an individual, company or organization that wants to list a health-related product or service in our Wellness Marketplace.

How does your qualification process work?

First step is to subscribe to a Pro plan and list your first offer. We review the content of your profile and your offer and notify you of the outcome of that review process, either qualified or disqualified. Once you are qualified, you can activate your listings and make them public.

Our review process considers several factors. Here are some important elements to consider that would disqualify you from listing in our Wellness Marketplace.

  • The product or service make medical claims that are not evidenced based.
  • The offer does not provide a clear health and wellness benefit to our members.
  • Your Pro profile does not provide enough information about you, your company or organization.
  • The offer is not accessible in North America.

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