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DonnaThomsonProinAdvocate4CareJuly 2nd

Wow, this is powerful and so true. Today, I'm doing the best I can - calling my Mom who fell the day the before yesterday, 'but is fine' and going to visit our son in his care home. How are you doing the best you can? (We must tell ourselves all the ...

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The caregiver's mantra: doing the best I can

Caring for them is my reward for doing the best I can.

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DonnaThomsonProinAdvocate4CareJune 28th

How to advocate for your loved one in hospital and at the time of discharge - what are your tips and tricks? I would suggest that if you need to do dressings at home, film the demonstration with your phone so you have a record of the instructions. I ...

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How Caregivers Should Handle Hospitalization

  Questions for Caregivers and Preparation for the Return Home   Hospitalization can be stressful to both the caregiver and the caree. The fact that your loved one was sick enough to requ…

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DonnaThomsonProinAdvocate4CareJune 22nd

The arts can be a great advocacy tool. Have you ever seen a film or play or piece of art that you could use to say to friends and family, "That's me. That's us."?

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bryanProinAdvocate4CareJune 19th
Muscular Dystrophy Canada: Self-advocacy toolkit

There is an interesting publication by Muscular Dystrophy Canada on self-advocacy (S.A.). It is directed at person’s with Muscular Dystrophy, but the publication could be adapted for use in general S.A. It covers basic advocacy topics such as; ...

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Self-Advocacy | Muscular Dystrophy Canada

let’s make muscles move

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DonnaThomsonProinAdvocate4CareJune 7th

Caregiver exhaustion is real and it's dangerous. Have you ever been so tired that your judgement failed? What happened? How did you cope - did you get help so you could sleep? https://www.don…ust-tired.html

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Ask someone who cares for a loved one, "How are you?" Chances are, they'll answer "I'm fine", but if they were being completely honest, they...

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