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bryanProinAdvocate4CareApril 5th
Caregiver Exchange-Panel Discussion-Family Caregiver Day 2018

Here is an interesting video from Caregiver Day from the caregiver exchange. In this video three women share their care giving experiences.

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bryanProinAdvocate4CareApril 4th
Parenting for Children with Mental Health

If you have a child who has a mental health issues, then you may be interested in the "Parent's for Children's Mental Health". It has an advocacy toolkit you may be interested to assist your efforts. Advocating for the services that your child need ...

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JanetKuntzProinAdvocate4CareApril 4th

Family Service Council of Ontario is sponsoring a talk hosted by Andre Picard, the Globe and Mail Health Reporter, on April 23rd in Toronto, called Advancing Senior Care in Ontario. Andre will be managing a panel of representatives from different ...

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DonnaThomsonProinAdvocate4CareApril 2nd

Autism Moms are a powerful bunch. See what they did in a small NFLD town? https://www.tod…own-in-canada/

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bryanProinAdvocate4CareMarch 29th
Mental Health Commission of Canada - Board of Directors

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (M.H.C.C.) is looking for members of the board of directors. Looking for people with lived experience personally or as a caregiver. This may be an important way for a caregiver to impact mental health policies ...

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