Shifting our health experience

Huddol is a coaching ecosystem that blends digital with human.

A coach for life

Through our App, people discover practices and principles that lead to well-being. It puts them in touch with a supportive community and our family of coaches.
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The art of skillful living

Our live group and individual coaching builds on a methodology of experiential discovery, learning and practice. Our philosophy welcomes mistakes, explores new skills and allows people to improve their lives in a supportive space.
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Create the future of health

Crafted for organizations and individuals seeking better health and optimal well-being.

Where People Flourish

Huddol is a transformative experience where powerful ideas and practices help people grow.
  • Personalized CoachingWe align health and life goals in one integrated experience. Coaching takes place both on your own time and in-person.
  • Meaningful ChangeWe combine evidence-based psychology with ancient wisdom, building from the very best growth practices. We help people be at their very best despite challenges.
  • Ongoing SupportOur digital experience combined with live coaching means people have a consistent resource to draw on as they explore their full potential.

Through Huddol, people begin to thive.

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Maximizing Human Potential

If you want light in your life, stand where it’s shining. Together, we can nurture a healthier culture for your people and organization.