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Getting Started

The left-hand navigation is the starting point to access all of Huddol’s main features. It’s also where you can access your personal profile for edits, updates, or managing your account.

What is a Huddol?

Huddols are networks of care where caregivers and professionals work together to address common caregiver challenges. You can search for different Huddols or access your current Huddols from the left-hand navigation menu. We’ll also recommend Huddols for you to join based on your profile and needs.

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Making Connections

At Huddol we believe that together we make it better. As you move through Huddol, you can make connections with other members, including caregivers like you or professionals who can help you. As you make more connections, you’ll be able to learn and discover with others through our Huddol networks and through individual or group messaging.

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Huddol is dedicated to you.

To get you started we created HuddolSupport. It contains helpful information about how to get the most out of your Huddol experience. There, you can also connect to our Support Team.

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