Motivation and Why People Struggle to Change: Navigating through resistance
February 24th, 202212:00pm
Understanding what inhibits people from embracing a change experience

Much of the work involved in the healthcare profession is accompanying people in a change process. That may include supporting clients or team members in new ways of thinking, seeing, or behaving.

Change can be incredibly difficult for people, particularly when motivation seems to be low or absent. The perceived success or failure of that change can have a resonating impact on the process of healing, growing, or evolving for the change agent, whether it be a person or an organization.

What is it that inhibits people from embracing a change experience? How can we as health care professionals and leaders expand our understanding of how we can successfully accompany someone in a self-authored change process that sets them up for success and feelings of deep fulfillment.

Huddol Mentor Brian Trzaskos and Huddol CJO Mark Stolow will explore why people struggle to change, including a deep dive into:

  • What are common assumptions we hold about why people don’t change?
  • What is percolating below the surface of a person’s resistance to change?
  • What are common traps health care professionals fall into when trying to support change in their clients or team members?
  • How can we successfully activate a change process?

About Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos, PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C, is a somatic intelligence expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is a nationally recognized expert for his work in coaching, training, and mentoring human development professionals in the science of somatic intelligence. Initially educated as a physical therapist, Brian has extensive experience and training in neurophysiology, somatic psychology, energy medicine, and eastern healing methodologies including mindfulness and Tai Chi.

About Mark Stolow

Mark Stolow is a seasoned health care leader whose work has influenced policy, communications and digital health innovation. He is the CEO of Huddol where he works with a network of transformational leaders dedicated to unlocking human potential and empowering people to show up in their lives.

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