Mindfulness and the Transformation of Care
January 27th, 202212:00pm
By transforming the way we care for ourselves, we transform the way we care for others.

Health care professionals face profound challenges every day at work. Mindfulness can support them in practical ways to live and work with a greater sense of ease. Mindfulness helps to develop a way of thinking and being that supports our personal and professional life.

Mindfulness has profound benefits for those working in health care - a profession that invites us into a relationship with those who are experiencing pain and suffering. How do we care for ourselves and others in the most effective way? How do we keep our hearts open in moments that make us want to shut down?

We can think of mindfulness as medicine. The practice can guide us to cultivate a peaceful acceptance - we can be present with the person who is seeking our care and we can also take good care of ourselves.

What can we expect when mindfulness and health care intersect?

  • The experience of greater satisfaction in our day-to-day work.
  • Conflicts, strain, and stress are less overwhelming. We learn to relate to our struggles in a new way.
  • The quality of our health care practice improves. We show up more fully.
  • Being in the presence of those who are suffering nurtures greater compassion and empathy.
  • We become a calm center in the eye of the storm
  • We realize the sacredness of our work and our healing role.

You have an operating system that is the most beautiful and wise technology ever created. Mindfulness is the key that assists us in unlocking that wisdom and compassion.

Huddol Mentor and Coach David Frank Gomes will share what he has discovered over many years of mindfulness practice and study.

About David Frank Gomes

David has been referred to as a relentless idealist, practical thinker, sounding board, and someone who provides a refreshingly fresh perspective. He is a self-confessed enemy of the status quo. He combines the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with the structure of contemporary coaching for creating dynamic pathways for change and healing.

About Mark Stolow

Mark Stolow is a seasoned health care leader whose work has influenced policy, communications and digital health innovation. He is the CEO of Huddol where he works with a network of transformational leaders dedicated to unlocking human potential and empowering people to show up in their lives.

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