MarkStolowProinHuddolingCEO at Huddol - committed to helping every caregiver along the journey. October 12th, 2017

That video was inspired by an 18-month voyage to build a support community dedicated to family and friend caregivers called Huddol.

I never thought for a second about the magnitude of the task to write a manifesto for 8 million people having 8 million different care experiences- it flowed through me like a sieve.

I just tapped into the one universal truth that every family and friend caregiver I have ever met carries with them like unseen badge of honor – we are some seriously resilient SOB’s.

I wrote it like I was composing an anthem for the multitudes who rise and sleep with care in their minds and in their hearts, hopeful, sometimes beyond reason, for better days.

I thought about all of the champions of our time who ploughed through tough times with a relentlessness that would make a snow truck blush. Those who find the unreasonable courage to look through the peep hole of their life, have adversity look back at them through the other side, and find a way to come out on top in the staring contest of life.

I thought about the incredible emotional and mental discipline it takes to be present with an experience of suffering that can be immensely perplexing, frustratingly challenging, and all at once revealing about our greatest human qualities – endurance and compassion.

All told, I thought about you and yours, always.

I hope I did you proud. And I hope that Huddol will be a place you can call your own.

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