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ManonSchalkinHuddolSupportMay 19th

Welcome to Huddol Support. I'm Manon Schalk , Community Manager here at Huddol.

Huddol is dedicated to you and your journey as a caregiver.

To get you started we created HuddolSupport.

Here, you'll find helpful information about how to get the most out...

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noranasserinHuddolSupportOctober 30th

What is your most challenging thing happening with someone you love dearly? Mine is convincing my dad to take care of his hygiene and taking a shower. What is yours?

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ManonSchalkinHuddolSupportOctober 30th

Watch this Huddol support video describing how you can connect with caregivers and professionals in the Huddol community.

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ManonSchalkinHuddolSupportOctober 13th

Huddols are networks where you can learn and discover with other caregivers and professionals on important caregiver topics.

Watch this video to learn how to join a Huddol and how to create your own.

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CiarainHuddolSupportSeptember 29th

Click on the link below to view Manon Schalk's complete step by step review of Huddol's latest updates and features.


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KimCinHuddolSupportSeptember 22nd

If I've tried to "connect" with someone, is there a place where I can see the invitations I've sent that are pending? I'm afraid I might try to connect with someone twice because I've forgotten I already tried.

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JMKinHuddolSupportSeptember 21st

How do I share a good article from another huddol within my huddol? I know I can comment on the article and use the #(huddolname) but will that only inform the person managing the huddol or everyone in the huddol?



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EmilyinHuddolSupportAugust 16th

When I google Huddol, I get a page that says to enter my email address for when it goes Live. I can't log in. I can only log in in response to an email. When I ask a question, and get a reply after I log in, when I try to reply to the answer, I just ...

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LornaScottinHuddolSupportAugust 12th

I am creating my profile and have run into 2 problems:

1) In creating a huddol I clicked on "Alberta" for location and want to change it back to blank. I can't find a way to do that.

2) I am having difficulty uploading photos for my profile. I will ...

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JessicaSmithinHuddolSupportJuly 12th

Hello, how do I change my username?

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