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CiaraProinElderCareJuly 12th

Senior isolation is a serious problem for most older adults living on their own or in care homes. Watch this learning event to learn how you can help break the cycle of senior social isolation.


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SusanHyattProinElderCareFebruary 1st

Interesting article on "silver solos" or plans for later in life care if you don't have children or family. This is becoming a hot topic with a term we don't particularly like - "elder orphans". Lots of great conversation around this on Silver ...

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Who Will Take Care Of Me If I Don't Have Kids?

I’m 33 and childless, and I’m pretty sure I want to remain that way forever. Most of the time, I feel secure about my decision to never have children. But it does raise some questions. For one, I wonder who will take care of me when I’m an old woman …

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HuddolSupportProinElderCareDecember 20th, 2017
Your Senior Parent Needs Care, But Doesn’t Want It – Now What?

A friend and I were recently discussing the challenge she and her siblings are having with her extremely independent 88 year-old mother. Her mother has cancer and is having difficulty getting around her two story house and she still insists on ...

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