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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 14th

"Spending just 10 minutes a day talking to people with dementia about their interests or family could help improve their quality of life, according to a study."

Here's to encouraging a person-centred approach to dementia care!

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Daily chats 'help people with dementia'

Nearly 70 care homes took part in the trial, which found reduced anger and agitation in participants.

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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 13th

#TriviaTuesday Did you know that short periods of doing nothing could help improve a person's ability to learn and remember?

"An excuse to do nothing may seem like a perfect mnemonic technique for the lazy student, but this discovery may also offer ...

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An effortless way to improve your memory

A surprisingly potent technique can boost your short and long-term recall – and it appears to help everyone from students to Alzheimer’s patients.

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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 9th

On Tuesday, February 20, Raffaela Cavaliere, coordinator of respite and stimulation services at AlzMontreal, will join @jfish and the team for #HuddolHour!

Raffaela will share some “Ideas for spending quality time with a person who has ...

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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 7th

We're just one day away from the one-night-only screening of "Much Too Young" at Cinéma du Parc presented by AlzMontreal and AGITeam!

Recently nominated in the category of "Best Documentary Program" at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards, this feature ...

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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 6th

Découvrez les crédits d'impôt disponibles pour les proches aidants avec @jfish et Jean-François Carignan!

Cette téléconférence par l'entremise du Réseau aidant aura lieu à 13 h aujourd'hui (le mardi 6 février).

Inscrivez-vous sur le lien ...

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Les crédits d’impôts remboursables

Cette conférence est pour sensibiliser et informer les proches aidants sur les différents crédits d’impôts remboursables dont ils peuvent bénéficier.

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gbrouilcainAlzMontrealFebruary 4th
Soins doutables dispensés dans une résidence privé.

Ma compagne de plus de 30 ans, et intimes depuis cinq ans. Est maintenant placée dans une résidence privée. Elle ne peut plus communiquer d'aucune manière avec moi, ces amies visiteuses sont: épiée, et ne peuvent pas parler de moi, de sa ...

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RichardSteeleProinAlzMontrealFebruary 2nd

In just under a week, AlzMontreal and AGITeam are hosting a one-night-only screening of "Much Too Young" at Cinéma du Parc, Montreal (Thursday, February 8, at 7 p.m.)!

"Much Too Young" is a documentary film by Christopher Wynn & Russell ...

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MUCH TOO YOUNG | Cinema du Parc

Much Too Young is a documentary that follows four families as they deal with Alzheimer’s disease at a shockingly young age. There are more than hal...

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