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JanetKuntzProinALZCareFebruary 11th

A wonderful resource of videos about dementia from Teepa Snow, a well respected Dementia Specialist and Educator http://teepasno…/dementia-101/

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simonneanneinALZCareFebruary 2nd

I asked in french how to know the difference between loss of memory due to age versus Alzheimer

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MarkStolowProinALZCareFebruary 2nd

Wondering how people feel about tests for early detection of Alzheimer's? These tests are beneficial in accessing early treatment, but there's also the fear and intimidation that comes with knowing that you're at risk for developing it.

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A blood test could predict the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

A blood test can predict the presence of an Alzheimer’s-related protein in the brain.

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EleanorSilverbergProinALZCareJanuary 30th

Who thinks that people living in the moderate stage of dementia cannot participate in mindfulness practice? Not me! My guidebook is now available. Endorsed by Dr. Ellen Buchman, Toronto Memory Program and Lisa Loiselle, Associate Director of The ...

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MarkStolowProinALZCareJanuary 29th

Introductory for some but we like to share articles that provide simple and direct information about the disease. This one focuses on early onset.

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Here's What To Know About Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Everyone experiences memory lapses, but here's what happens when it's serious.

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