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National Publication looking for a few (Dementia) Caregivers to participate in an article.I'm reaching out to caregiver…

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May 8th, 2018

National Publication looking for a few (Dementia) Caregivers to participate in an article.

I'm reaching out to caregivers THAT LIVE OUTSIDE OF ONTARIO.

I'm assisting a writer in gathering a few caregivers across Canada who would be interested in sharing 2-3 sentences (anecdotes) for an article that will be going in a national publication called Mind Over Matter (w/ Women's Brain Health Initiative) - womensbrainheal…atter-magazine

Mind Over Matter is published twice a year and distributed as a supplement to the Globe and Mail. The writer is a well-respected journalist who used to be on National News.

The short feature for the next edition is titled “The First Time I Knew.”

We already have enough caregivers from Ontario. We would like to try and get a better representation with about another 5-6 more from across Canada. Your full name doesn't need to be included in the article if you don't want, but likely your initials and city will be posted.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know with a Direct Message and then I can send over further details with my email address.

I will update this posting once I have enough interest.

Thanks everyone - Ron


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