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Another prospective clinical trial for Alzheimer'…


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June 11th, 2018
Another prospective clinical trial for Alzheimer's/MCI in Montreal

At the Jewish General Hospital, in conjunction with its Lady Davis Research Institute and the Memory Clinic run by Dr. Howard Chertkow, a new branch of a previously held <<proof of principle trial>> is starting as a real clinical trial, entirely internal and funded only by the hospital I am led to believe. They previously dealt with other forms of and issues connected to dementia. Now they will specifically be targeting memory.

The trial is one of tDCS, Transcranial direct current stimulation It is a far-reaching, long and intensive trial involving mulitiple sessions and much testing over several months. It will require a huge commitment of time.

I will have more detailed information after our assessment on June 21st. The criteria for acceptance is based solely on the results of an intensive assessment, not previous scores provided by other doctors. Age does not seem to be an issue, as my Mother is 90 going on 91 and was refused for other trials with an age limit of 85.

Some articles about the initial trial:…al-stimulation


The recruitment co-oordinator of the trial is Shelley Solomon -

514-340-8222 ext. 25129

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