CEO at Huddol - committed to helping every Huddoler live their best life.
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Alzheimers DiseaseAutism Spectrum DisorderParkinsons DiseaseDepressionadvocacy

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AgeIn their 40s
Gender IdentityMale
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Be kind. Be curious. Be impactful.

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ProfessionCEO at Huddol
Years of Experience16 to 20 years
Skills & KnowledgeSocial MediaProject PlanningLeadershipDigital MarketingDesign
Current employerHuddol
Work titleCEO
Duration of employment16 to 20 years
Location of employmentMontreal
Leading a committed team dedicated to creating a high impact, high benefit community dedicated to helping people live their best lives.
Level of education completedUndergraduate certificate diploma or degree
Professional AffiliationsParticipate actively in a number of health focused organizations.
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  • Concordia University, CA, Psychology, 2000