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I am a mindest coach helping people get unstuck when they see no way out.
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Irina Buse, Mindset Coach

I offer support with thought management, worry, past emotional wounds, build a vision of the future, plan and execute the change.
$75 USD / hour
Available for 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions

About Me

Do you know what it feels like when the entire world seems right, all the elements in your life are aligned, you checked all the boxes for education, career, family, friends, etc and you're dying inside? For no apparent reason your life doesn't seem yours? When what you do doesn't fulfill you? When you don't seem to be able either to offer or receive the love from others? When all comes crashing to pieces and makes no sense to you? That's when I decided that my career in business that I had fol…

My Schedule

Irina is in America/Toronto

About Pro

ProfessionMindset Coach
Years of Experience6 to 10 years
Professional AffiliationsCanadian Institute of Integrative Nutrition
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My Work Experience

Offering coaching in the form of private packages, group coaching and on-line courses to people who feel like they hit a wall and see no solution to go forward.
Current employerEmpowered Living University
Work titleFounder
Duration of employment2 to 5 years
Location of employment
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My Education

    • Master of Business Administration, 2002
    • Certified Health Coach, 2015

    My Life Goals

    In my vision about my life I see myself growing old helping people be their own independent boss, making their own decisions coming from the clarity of a heart at peace with the self and the world.

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    AgeIn their 40s
    Gender IdentityFemale
    Languages SpokenEnglish

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