I am a caregiver consultant, author and coach and speaker. I create and advise on content for health research and caregiver support.In their 60s86 connectionsOntario, Canada
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Donna Thomson


Experience21 to 25 years

I have experience with

  • Accessing services and resources
  • Coordinating care
  • Navigating the healthcare system
  • Understanding medical issues
  • Using technology to help provide care
  • Taking care of the caregiver
  • Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities

I can help with

  • House cleaning
  • Counselling/Emotion and stress management
  • Support groups
  • Help with food and nutrition (e.g. shopping)
  • Financial aid/Benefits (e.g. for housing or treatment)
  • Equipment/Modifying my home
  • Transportation
  • Educational programs