A People Empowerment Platform

At Huddol, we believe health is more than what we do. It’s who we are, and what we hope to become.

Take Back Your Health

Because it was never ours to give away

Health is our most valuable natural resource.

“You’re broken, we fix you” is not the future of health. It sets limits on human potential. At Huddol, we encourage people to stop wrestling against their own self-interest. We inspire people to re-own their health and thrive.

Well-being is at the intersection of being healthy and doing healthy

How Huddol Works

People need more than to be put back together. They want a clearer vision for what they can become.
Mark StolowChief Journeys Officer, Huddol

Personal transformation means organizational growth

Our curated network of skillful life coaches have one mission: To inspire people towards the path of meaning and joy in their own life journey. That is the ultimate expression of health and well-being and the cornerstone of organizations that thrive.
Our Coaching Experience

Co-creating the future of healthcare

We’ve worked with the largest organizations in the health space.

Maximizing Human Potential

If you want light in your life, stand where it’s shining. Together, we can nurture a healthier culture for your people and organization.