A Meaningful Response to Burnout
November 25th, 202112:00pm
Transforming the experience of health care professionals.

Burnout is the reality for many health care professionals overwhelmed by their work. The bright eyed optimism that set them on the path of the noble profession has been overtaken by overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue. The global pandemic has turned a very full cup into an overflow of stressors; past injuries have become gaping wounds.

How do we meet this very difficult moment where it is? What reserves can health care professionals draw on to transform this experience of suffering into a meaningful, growth oriented response.

Huddol Mentors Mark Stolow and Scott Swanson will invite event participants to look at the experience of burnout differently. This event will not be about how we solve burnout as much as how we learn to become aware of it, inquire into it and then respond to it with greater wisdom and self-compassion.

In this event, we will explore the following experiences:

  • The pandemic and ambiguous, open ended trauma
  • The forces that nurture healing or perpetuate conflict
  • Purpose - the rise and fall of doing meaningful work
  • Restoring the soul of health care
  • Transforming suffering into something greater

About Scott Swanson

Scott has walked through the Valley of Burnout and come out the other side. For several years he faced multiple external and internal stresses: overwork – and feeling out of alignment with that work; juggling the responsibilities of the sandwich generation; home renovations; loss and death.

As a spiritual leader and teacher for more than 20 years, Scott brings together story, teaching from wisdom traditions, theory and educational practice to create transformational learning and spiritual growth.

About Mark Stolow

Mark Stolow is a seasoned health care leader whose work has influenced policy, communications and digital health innovation. He is the CEO of Huddol where he works with a network of transformational leaders dedicated to unlocking human potential and empowering people to show up in their lives.

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